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R and is dealt with in a different section of cancerhelp uk. cheap generic viagra Use the link above to go to it. Because the nasal cavity is close to your eyes, ears and mouth, cancer in this area can sometimes cause pressure and pain in these structures. many viagra pills should take This could affect your vision and ability to open your mouth. Cancer in the nasal cavity can also affect your sense of smell. There is information on living with these changes in the living with nasal and paranasal sinus cancer section. Back to top     the paranasal sinuses paranasal means around or near your nose. viagra online Sinuses are spaces or small tunnels. Paranasal sinuses are small, air filled spaces within the bones of your face, above and behind your nose and behind your cheekbones. They give your voice its clarity and tone and lighten the weight of your skull. viagra viagra kombinieren There are several pairs of sinuses and cancer can develop in any of them. how does viagra or viagra work You have maxillary sinuses behind your cheeks, below your eyes and on either side of your nose frontal sinuses at the very top of your nose close to the eyebrows ethmoid sinuses above the nose and between the eyes sphenoid sinuses behind the ethmoid sinuses, above the nasopharynx and between your eyes if these sinuses become infected, for example when you have a cold, they fill with mucus and become blocked. This causes the pressure and pain you feel around your nose and eyes when you have a cold (sinus pain). Yahoo viagra spam virus Back to top     the lymph nodes in your neck like other parts of the body, the head and neck contains lymph nodes (also called lymph glands). buy viagra in canada no prescription These small, bean shaped glands are part of the lymphatic system. generic viagra online Lymph nodes are often the first place cancer cells spread to when they break away from a tumour. many viagra pills should take There are major groups of lymph nodes in the neck. Nasal and paranasal sinus cancers can spread to these nodes. cheap viagra for sale uk But this only happens in about 15 out of every hundred (15%) of people diagnosed. free viagra or viagra If you do have spread to the lymph nodes, you may need an operation to remove lymph nodes from the same side of your neck as the cancer. Movie with viagra More rarely, a surgeon may suggest removing nodes from both sides of your neck. viagra indications and usage These operations are called neck dissections. cheap generic viagra You may hear your surgeon call this type of surgery ‘radical neck dissection’. viagra 50mg first time Once the surgeon has taken out the lymph nodes, a specialist in human tissues (a pathologist) examines them to see if they contain cancer cells. generic viagra without presciption usa This is part of finding out how advanced the cancer is, in other words its stage. generic viagra customer reviews Finding out the stage of a cancer is important because it helps doctors decide on the most suitable treatment for you. There is more information about the lymph glands and the lymphatic system in the section about your body in cancerhelp uk. many viagra pills should take Cancer. buy cheap viagra

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