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- Technical Services:

  Piping Package  


Ferro Makine Company (FMC) is one of the specialized piping material supplying companies around the world that offers its Clients with the best facilities.

 With a great source of piping material manufacturers and stocks in Europe, FMC has developed to support the material procurement needs with complete Piping Packages according to the Client's technical requirements based on international standards.

 We will simplify and make it easy for you to find the best solution to purchase your required material. 

  Quality Certificates


FMC with a great support of its manufacturers is in a position that certifies your material technical documents and data sheets in view of quality measurements.

Our manufacturers’ Quality Control Departments will issue globally applicable Quality Certificates satisfying International Standards.

Ferro Makine Comapny will serve as your representative to certify your materials.

  Quality Tests


In order to ensure the Client of quality of the material that is going to be purchased, FMC offers the best way to apply various tests on the material in different aspects.

All these Quality Tests are done in a completely standard circumstance by our technically specialized teams according to the scope required by the Client.

With Ferro Makine Quality Test, you can be sure on what you are really purchasing.



Inspection is considered as one of the main procedures in material procurement and a Client may be misled in a material purchase without proper inspection.

In order to protect the Clients against big losses in material purchases, FMC has developed a technical Inspection service in which the Inspection team will lead a fully-controlled Inspection activity to get the proper results.

The Client will officially be informed of the Inspection results and will decide on the results comparing the expected.

- General Service:



Material Packing is another service from FMC offered for facilitation of packing, palletizing, shrinking, bundling, filling and all other packing services for safe transportation.

We believe Packing is a Technical Art that needs a technically educated team with proper tools and equipment.

With Ferro Makine Packing service, there is no need to worry about the damages to material while material lifting, relocation, on-loading and off-loading.

  Shipping Documents


FMC serves to prepare all shipping documents as per the customer’s requirements. Since these documents should be presented to the L/C opening bank, FMC will facilitate and shorten the time of document negotiation.

We can also provide the client with a final technical Data Book along with the required shipping documents.


  Shipping &


Shipping and transportation is another service from Ferro Makine Company which facilitates the shipping procedure and transportation needs of its clients.

With our shipping and transportation services, your cargo will  reach your  desired destinations with the highest level of safety and  conformability.


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